Quality Geriatric Care for Your Aging Loved Ones

Health Solutions in Tinley Park is home to knowledgeable and compassionate geriatric doctors in Illinois. Our team works to promote the physical, cognitive, and physical health of our elderly patients in setting tailored personal goals and treatment plans. We do this by leveraging our knowledge and expertise in treating disorders experienced by aging patients.

Our physicians are board-certified internists who have received additional training and certification in the field of geriatrics. The special training we undergo allows us to provide the kind of elder care in Cook County, IL, that is appropriate for more delicate, older patients who may be facing complex medical and social problems.

Tailored Solutions for Your Every Healthcare Need

As a trusted provider of quality senior care in Illinois, we understand that people’s healthcare needs change as they age.

More than half of seniors aged 65 and older face at least three medical problems, including arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure, which makes prescribing medication a challenge for patients with multiple health concerns. For example, one drug that might be useful in alleviating the symptoms associated with one condition may cause side effects or problematic interactions when used with another drug.

Our geriatricians specialize in the evaluation and management of the unique healthcare needs and treatment preferences of older patients. We provide the kind of attention, expertise, and senior care in Cook County, IL your loved one needs to regain their quality of life.

Let us Help You

Are you or a loved one experiencing incontinence, memory problems, or significant impairment and frailty? Do you need help managing their medications or multiple health conditions? Let us help you.

Our first step is to evaluate the patient’s medical, emotional, and social needs. Then, we create a personalized treatment plan that addresses concerns across the wellness-illness continuum.

To set an appointment, call us at 1-708-802-WELL (9355) today.