Has your child been feeling under the weather these days? Have you noticed a sudden decrease in their level of activity? These can be the signs that your child is suffering from asthma.

Not all children have the same asthma symptoms and even in the same child, the symptoms can vary during each episode. This uncertain nature of the condition makes it important to get pediatric care in Illinois and consult a professional pediatric.

Possible Symptoms

Being a parent, you need to have the skills to read the signs. If you keep an eye on your child and pay attention to the different circumstances, it’s possible for you to play a proactive role in your child’s health.

There are some common signs and symptoms that can give you an inkling of your child’s condition. They’re described below and aim to assist you in making optimum decisions.

  • Frequent coughing, especially during playing or laughing.
  • Chronic cough
  • Decreased energy during activities
  • Rapid breathing
  • Often getting short of breath
  • Complains of tightness in chest
  • Experiences pain in chest
  • Wheezing while breathing, a whistling sound
  • Labored breathing causing retractions
  • Loss of breath

If your child complains of these symptoms, it’s important to get them the best pediatric care in Illinois. There are several tests that can help determine if your child has asthma. The evaluation will help you cater to your child’s needs and provide a healthy atmosphere.

With over 7 million children dealing with Asthma in the United States, parents need to be extra careful. By keeping an eye on your child’s health and any changes that occur, you can ensure they live a healthy life. Catching on the symptoms early on can make all the difference for your child. Although asthma can begin at any age but most children start showing the signs at as early as 5 years old. Early diagnosis of asthma can help you child lead a productive and active life.

Causes of Childhood Asthma

There’s no scientific reason for the development of childhood asthma. However, there are some common factors that can explain why your child is vulnerable to the condition.

  • An overly sensitive immune system is the main culprit in such cases
  • Inherited traits mean that the condition runs in the family and hence your child acquired the illness
  • If your child had any type of airway infection at a young age, they’ll be at a greater risk of asthma
  • Long term exposure to environmental factors like air pollution. Cigarette smoke can also put your child at risk.

If left untreated, childhood asthma can take a serious turn. Take preventive measures and retain the services of pediatric treatment in Tinley Park, IL. Make your child’s health a priority and invest in quality pediatric care in Illinois.

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