Our body’s immune system is made to protect us against the many threats to our health. As soon as a threat is detected, our body sends a horde of fighter cells to defend the body. If it works efficiently, we don’t have to fear getting sick.

Sometimes however, the immune system loses its ability to distinguish between foreign threats and the perfectly healthy cells. This disability makes it mistakenly attack the healthy cells of the body and that perfectly explains what autoimmune diseases are.

But what is the cause of this disability and can you get autoimmune disease treatment in Tinley Park, Illinois?

Even in this age of technology and scientific research, there’s no definitive cure for most of these diseases. However, researchers have observed that some people are more likely than others to succumb to this faulty immune system.

Women in particular are twice more vulnerable than men. Some autoimmune diseases target a specific ethnic group while others are more actively present in a particular age group.

All the autoimmune diseases have one thing in common. They all involve a person’s immune system attacking a type of tissue in their own body. While a normal immune system exposes new immune cells to the body’s normal tissue, there are some tissue types that fall through the cracks. This causes a ‘friendly fire’ of sorts on some types of our natural tissue. There are over 80 different autoimmune diseases, all with unique tissue types that get attacked.

One thing is for sure though. You can get the best autoimmune disease treatment in Tinley Park, Illinois and increase the quality of your life.

Common Autoimmune Diseases

There is a whole list of autoimmune diseases that are common among both men and women. Here are a few of them.

✓     Type 1 Diabetes

In order to regulate the blood sugar levels, pancreases produce a special hormone, insulin. When the immune system goes awry, it starts to attack the cells that produce insulin in the pancreas. Without insulin in the body, there’s no system to regulate the blood sugar levels and hence the condition prevails.

✓     Rheumatoid Arthritis

In this condition, the faulty immune system goes after the joints. This attack is the reason behind the pain, inflammation, redness and swelling in the joints. Stiffness is also a symptom of arthritis. This condition can affect people of any age and gender. Even children have been affected by this autoimmune disease.

✓     Lupus

Lupus was first thought of as a skin disease since it causes rashes. However, scientific research proved that it in fact affects many organs. Heart, brain, kidneys and joints are just some of the areas under attack by lupus.

✓     Inflammatory Bowel Disease

There are several conditions that can cause inflammation in the lining of the intestine and inflammatory bowel disease isa blanket term used to describe them. Some examples include Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

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